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We are in need of a person who can think out of the box, but who can also handle all the tasks that are given to him, while maintaining a state of mind-fullness. As in many startup environments, the combination of curiosity and determination is always a winning one, we want that. Unlike other types of companies, we place a strong accent on experience and not on the academic background. So, if you have been a curious type ever since you were born, now it’s time to take advantage of it!

What skills are we looking for?
  • Strong skills in at least one web frameworks (PHP and/or Python)
  • Experience with Linux operating system
  • Data base (SQL) knowledge
  • Scripting (BashPython)
  • Version control software (Git)
What will you have to do?
  • Design and implement new applications and modules.
  • Create unit-tests and functional test applications.
  • Optimize what already works, but can work better.
Some other stuff that will give you an advantage:
  • Experience with networked systems (sockets)
  • Algorithm design, performance analysis
  • Experience with asynchronous programming
  • Good understanding of software architecture and design patterns
What we offer in return…
  • You’ll have more responsibility.
  • You’ll be given more opportunities.
  • You’ll be able to do a lot of different things.
  • You will learn from true innovators.
  • Your work will be recognized (as will your failures).
  • You’ll work in an awesome atmosphere.
Who are we?

There’s nothing quite like being part of a growing company. Romlogic is a young passionate tech company aiming at improving life through technology, trying to make other people’s lives easier, more fun, and more manageable. We design our own products from scratch, from concept towards prototyping and eventually mass-production.

Working at Romlogic will allow you to try on a lot of different hats, even that weird one that you didn’t think you would ever like, but may find out that you did. We are constantly looking for solutions, for a better way of doing stuff. We don’t dismiss ideas without a chance of hearing you out before. We are all one single team here, we don’t hierarchize, everybody gets to have a say in everything.