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A revolutionary

Equinox is an intelligent taximeter that incorporates all the tools a taxi driver needs to operate: a VOIP transmitter-receiver, a GPS navigator, a modern client/dispatch application and of course, the classic taximeter.


It comes with a large screen, 7 inches, so the drivers have
increased visibility and be able to handle the device
in a more efficient way.

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The purpose for which we created Equinox is to provide solutions to users by combining them
the entire suite of features in a single, modern Android device capable to keep
pace with the latest technologies and applications in the field.

Cutting edge

Unlike other devices, EQUINOX uses the speed sensor’s sensors (interrogated directly the machine board of the machine).
The communication protocols used are digital, unlike the competition where still analog sensors
(and analogue communication with them) are still in use.

Payment options

Besides the traditional method of payment (cash), EQUINOX has the possibility to pay with the card in an architecture that offers full safety both to the client, the driver and the company.

Integrated Fiscalisation

Being fiscalized, EQUINOX offers the perfect solution (legally) for categories with commercial activities similar to taxi industry.

Increased reliability

Some drivers actively use at least 4 equipment: the broadcast radio station, the phone / tablet, the GPS navigator, and of course the traditional taximeter. EQUINOX replaces them all!

Modern design

EQUINOX has a modern design, ergonomic and compatible to any type of car.
It integrates perfectly!


The EQUINOX intelligent taximeter is recommended by the largest taxi companies in Romania, Europe
and the Middle East.


Developed on the Android platform, the EQUINOX taximeter combines hardware with software, providing you with everything you need to do this job.


tax evasion

Our system can connect to the Internet and supports the new legal provisions on tax-deduction devices (here a taxi driver is included), which requires their capability to be connected (and periodically) to ANAF or other legal entities servers.

Thus, real-time cash receipts can be monitored for each taximeter without having to manually inspect the electronic log.

Expanding options
of payment

In the case of traditional taximeters, the only payment option is cash.

In rare cases, where card payment is accepted, this involves the introduction of a new device (POS) that is not connected in any way to the taxi driver and requires the driver to pay attention to the transaction.


Equinox uses the sensors of the machine to determine the speed (the machine’s computer is directly interrogated).

The communication protocols used are digital, as opposed to competition where analog sensors (and analogue communication with them) are still used.

Safety Measures

In recent years, there have been several incidents involving taxi drivers (either as victims or aggressors), and we have chosen to introduce security measures.

Our taximeter supports a panic button (physically, with automatic alarm, if required at the dispatch center, other nearby drivers, or emergency 112 service).


Approved by the CE 2014/32/UE directive;
Compatible with OIML R21;
Android platform;
Modem 3G;
Allows to run two applications at the same time (IPS Split-Screen);
Compatible with all dispatching systems: Uber, Star Taxi, Clever Taxi;
GPS navigation;
Panic button;
Stationary function (walkie-talkie).

Cutting edge

Fleet management;
Fully included software (Android / IOS client application, driver application, dispersion application, server application, web admin tool, sip integration);
Fish-eye camera with the ability to enter a full 180 ° angle with a graphical accelerator;
Invoice / receipt printer;
Compatible with car rental with driver (Black-Cab).

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